Vercing is the leader of the Gallic Tribes. He is the arch enemy of Caesar and the main protagonist of the Gaul Campaign. He relies mostly on brute strength and is very limited in spells.

His Offense is 7/10, his defense 4/10 and his spells 3/10. He rides into battle on a Giant Wolf. When you have finished level 5 in the Roman Campaign, (the level where commander's such as Vercing and Caesar are first introduced) the Gallic tribe (Vercing's tribe) gets unlocked and you can play as the Gallic tribe as well in one of the three save slots.

He was based on a real person, Vercingetorix, just like how Caesar was based on Julius Caesar, However, one large change the game had made contrary to real history, was who attacked who. In the game, Vercing attacked Caesar, and Gaul attempted to invade Rome. However, in real history, this is not the case and it is completely switched. With Rome invading Gaul, and Caesar ruthlessly slaughtering Vercing's army and Vercingerotix himself in his unquenchable thirst for power.