Siegius arena 2
Siegius Arena is a sequel to the popular Sky9 games' Siegius.For the first time,the Gallic tribes are not involved and the game has changed.


Siegius arena plot

How It all Happens

The game started with the cutscenes of the Dacian war. During the war, a Centurion led his group of legionaries into the thick of a 1000 strong ambush, they drove back the Dacians, but not before the Centurion was betrayed. Framed by those who had betrayed him, he was forced into becoming a gladiator. So now he must fight, fight to gain his freedom, and gain his vengence against those who wronged him!


Siegius arena 3


The Siegius arena didn't feature the strategy game feature.But instead,it is a beat 'em up game.The player must progress to fight various enemies to advance to the next level until defeating the boss.The player must buy an assortment of items from the store in the Roman Market.In the Roman Market there are 3 kind of shops.The first one is the item shop,then armory,then the armor section.When battling,the player must use the Z and X button to attack and C button for item use and V for spells that can be bought in items store.The player,rather than killing enemies for money,must kill enemies to entertain the crowd.If the Crowd meter is full,you can unleash your ultimate.Ultimate enchances attack and speed and also slows down enemies.
Siegius arena 4

The Roman Market

Other ContentsEdit

In Siegius arena there are several contents from the first Siegius game.Which is....

  • The Leather Helmet is actually a Peasant's helmet from Siegius
  • The Wing Helmet is actually a Gallic Tribe's Raider helmet
  • The Centurian Helmet is present in the game along with the full equipment of 'em.
  • Legionary's sword and shield was purchaseable in the game
  • The Spear item is actually Centurion's throwing spear from Siegius 1
  • Armageddon spell is actually the Roman Legion's fire catapult spell from Siegius 1
  • Gallic Tribe's Behemoth is present as an enemy, armed with a giant heavy club instead of a log.
  • Juice-Tin and Mike Sleva are actually bosses in there with the name Mikus (Mike Sleva) and Justinus (Juice-Tin)


-Unlike the first Siegius,this game isn't really popular