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Siegius is a strategy game that is developed by the same creators of the Raze franchise, the Strike Force Heroes franchise and several other Armor Games games.


Become the Roman Legion, the Gallic tribes, or a group of wild boars in this tactic game! Defend the Roman empire, lead an assault on Rome, or do whatever boars do, it's your choice.


Sieges is a strategy game. The player must choose one of the 3 factions available. Each of the factions favor different playstyles and strategies. Units are summoned onto the battlefield from your base and move along a fixed path towards the enemy base. Each unit has its own unique stats and upgrades, as well as different attack and resistance types. The player can also access spells that affect the course of the battle, upgrade and repair their base, and summon their General. Generals are more powerful than any other unit, but share their health pool with the base. Destroy the enemy base, kill the enemy general or complete a specific objective to win.


  • Caesar and Vercing are based on the real life leaders Julius Caesar and Vercingetorix. However, in real life it was Caesar who attacked Gaul rather than Vercingetorix attacking Rome.
  • Like in the Strike Force Heroes franchise, the game creators Juice-Tin and mike Sleva appear in the game as NPCs.


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