"The primary infantry unit for the gallic tribes"



Raider has a very good attack stat not upgraded and amazing attack stat upgraded for its cost, and the only unit in vercing arsenal without a negative resistance, however with low health and average speed archers can take care of him.  

You can upgrade attack (+20% or +50%) or health (+20% and +50%).  

Stats Edit

Warning can be slightly off and is non up graded to get  upgrades change percent into decimal add 1 and multiply by stat      example: 30%= .3   1.3* non upgraded stat= upgraded stat      

Damage 18

range low

Health 80

speed average

Damage resistance:

  • Melee: None
  • Ranged: None
  • Magic: None

Cost 65 gold

Cooldown 3 seconds

Attack type: Melee

Special: None