Your basic Money-makers

"No armour or attack power, but provides a stready source of income."

Peasants are the basic Roman gold miners. They are the main source of gold in the Roman Legion, they are very weak and can be killed by any unit in 1 hit.They are easily identified by their brown leather helmet, huge brown bag and red clothes.


Cost: 40G

Cooldown: 2 Seconds

Attack Type: None

Damage Resistance:

  • Melee: -60%
  • Ranged: -60%
  • Magic: -60%


  • Mines Gold
  • Immune to Magic

Attack: 0

Range: 0

Health: Extremely Low

Speed: Average


  • Don't interfere

This guy is just a gold gatherer. So don't make it go fight or anything.

  • Defend the Civilian

Deploy units to defend it, as it would die quickly otherwise and you will have 40 less gold, and no Peasant.

  • Consider the Location

When mining consider the fact that there are mines near, and far, from you. The mines futher away will supply more gold, but the futher away it is, the longer it takes for them to walk to your base, allowing fast enemy units to run them down.


  • Their pickaxes resembles a hatchet.