"The primary infantry unit for the Roman Legion."



The Legionary is the basic unit of the Roman Legion. It is unlocked from the start. Legionaries are the weakest melee unit in the game, but are cheap and spawn in pairs by default.

You can upgrade their squad size from 2 to 4, and from 4 to 6, or upgrade their HP. Upgrading squad size allows you to fill the battlefield with them, while the HP upgrade makes the individual Legionary a more capable unit.


Cost: 55G

Cooldown: 3 Seconds

Attack Type: Melee

Damage Resistance:

  • Melee: 0%
  • Ranged: 0%
  • Magic: 0%


  • Spawns in squads of 2

Attack: Medium-Low

Range: Very Low

Health: Very Low

Speed: Medium-Low

Upgrades Edit

Amount Increase

Level 2: Spawns 2x more (110 gold)

Cost: 30 exp

Level 3: Spawns 3x more (165 gold)

Cost: 45 exp

Health Increase

Level 2: +20% HP (83 gold)

Cost: 20 exp

Level 3: +50% HP (110 gold)

Cost: 30 exp


  • If you use the squad size upgrade, don't try to direct your Legionaries towards specific targets. Just scatter them across the battlefield and they will finish off low health enemies.
  • Never attack Behemoths with just Legionaries. Due to their low health the Behemoth will kill them before they can do very much damage.
  • Legionaries can be useful against Boar Riders if supported by Archers.
  • One full health Legionary will always lose a fight with a full health Raider if both are at the same upgrade level. Try to outnumber the enemy.


  • The Legionaries are equipped with the gladius, the sword most widely used in the Roman Army..