"Boosts morale in allies, healing from a distance."

Note the Aura

Healers are a member of the Roman Legion.  They are unlocked in level 2, the golden bridge.  Healers are very useful, keeping your units alive so they can fight for a longer peroid of time.


Cost: 80G

Cooldown: 8 Seconds

Attack Type: None

Damage Resistance:

  • Melee: -40%
  • Ranged: -40%
  • Magic: -40%


  • Heals Nearby Allies

Attack: 0

Range: Near

Health: Extremely Low

Speed: Slow


  • Heal the fighters, but don't fight

Healers do not attack.  Instead, they heal.  They are the slowest roman unit, and their range is not great.

  • Using them as Support Units

Healers are best sent out with other troups.  If they aren't, the healer will do nothing and then die. When with other troups, all nearby troops will be healed.

  • Mass Healing