Here's some tactics on level 4 of the Gaul campaign.  After you beat this level, you will unlock shaman. The next level is easier, and you unlock boar rider.

What to bringEdit

Bring x2 speed peons, 2-3 archers with quantity upgrades, and (if you have space) raiders or berserkers.

What to doEdit

Tactic 1:

Step 1: Deploy peons everywhere

Step 2: Send out archers in gruops of 2 or 3 at boars or down the middle

Step 3: Repeat step 2 many times.  Be patiant, since this tactic is slow

Step 4: Win and celebrate

Tactic 2:

Step 1: Deploy a few peons

Step 2: Upgrade rooftop archers until you have 5

Step 3: Wait while speeding up time

Step 4: Repair base when needed and deploy peons when safe. This takes a long time and is boring, so be patiant

Step 5: When you have 4000-6000 gold, unleash a mass of troups.  Remember, this mass should mostly be made of archers, but it should also have shamans, and it's a good idea to let Vercing go in front to clear a path for the truops

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5. Then repeat them again. And again. And again. Etc.

Step 7: Win and celebrate

Hopefully, these 2 tactics will help.  They are both slow, but they are also likely to work. If your computer lags often or you can't move your mouse very fast, use tactic 2.  Use section 1 if you aren't patiant even a little bit. Good luck!