"Medium armor and arrows that set enemies on fire, dealing damage over time."thumb|link=File:Fire_Archers.png The Fire Archer is one of the troops in the Roman Army. He fires burning arrows that set enemies on fire and doing damage overtime. Unlike the normal archer he can still shoot enemies through smoke.

This unit is perfect if you want to win in Roman Campaign Level 10,FTW,as it has magical fire effects,killing Behemoths easily.


Cost: 80G

Cooldown: 7 Seconds

Attack Type: Magic

Damage Resistance:

  • Melee: -50%
  • Ranged: 0%
  • Magic: 0%


  • Spawns in Squads of 2
  • Sets Enemies on Fire

Attack: Low

Range: Far

Health: Extremely Low

Speed: Average


  • Romans never used fire arrows. Here's why: Fire Arrows