"The primary defensive unit for the Roman Legion."

Defender is a unit within the Roman Ranks. Defenders do good in covering other units, but the covering is limited since it only has 1 unit, unless it is upgraded. They don't do much in Offensive terms, but in Defensive terms, they are a must-have.


Cost: 75G

Cooldown: 5 Seconds

Attack Type: Melee

Damage Resistance:

  • Melee: 30%
  • Ranged: 80%
  • Magic: 20%


  • High Damage Resistance

Attack: Very Low

Range: Extremely Low

Health: Low

Speed: Low


  • Be the Tank

If Legionaries were the Sword, and Archers the Bow and Arrow, then the Defenders are the Shields. Use them to protect your troops.

  • High Armor + Healing = Over-Powered!

The defender, besides defending archers and legionaries, can also defend healers. This allows the Healer to stay back and heal the Defender, allowing for a longer life-time on the battlefield.


  • It is the second reinforcement in the final level of the Roman Campaign.
  • It resembles the Roman Optio.