"The basic ranged unit for the Roman Legion."

The Archer is the basic ranged unit of the Roman Legion. They have a bit less damage than the Gallic archers and spawn in squads of two. They cannot shoot through smoke screens.


Cost: 50G

Cooldown: 4 Seconds

Attack Type: Ranged

Damage Resistance:

  • Melee: -50%
  • Ranged: 0%
  • Magic: 0%


  • Spawns in Squads of 2

Attack: Low

Range: Far

Health: Extremely Low

Speed: Slightly faster than average.


  • Have melee units tank in front of the archer, build up a massive "archer storm"
  • Use the extra range upgrade, start building up full range archers in the middle of the map and use the arrow show (more arrows path) to deal with troublesome enemies early on. (However, this strategy can feel cheap and extremely easy, and you may choose not to use this upgrade on a second playthrough)